All Purpose Weatherproof Metal Detector

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  • Product Information

    The Fisher CZ-3D Metal Detector is a cutting-edge device engineered for precision treasure hunting. Its advanced multifrequency technology operates at 3-5 kHz and 15 kHz frequencies, ensuring optimal detection across various soil types. This detector is designed to find more coins and valuable metals, including older era coins at older sites.
    Key Features:
    - Multifrequency Technology: Operates at 5 kHz and 15 kHz frequencies, providing superior detection capabilities.
    - Visual Target-ID and Four-Tone Audio System: Offers accurate identification of coins and other valuable metals with clear audio signals.
    - Big Target Alert: Instantly notifies you of large targets, improving efficiency.
    - Wet Sand Mode: Enhances detection in challenging conditions like wet sand.
    - Faint Target Audio Boost: Amplifies faint signals for deeper and more precise detection.
    - Eight-Inch Open Center Spider Coil: Provides increased depth and precise target localization.
    - Silent-Search VLF Discrimination: Ensures quiet operation while maintaining high sensitivity.
    - Collapsible Three-Piece Handle: Allows for easy transportation and storage.
    - Handle/Hip Mount Options: Offers versatility in carrying and using the detector.
    - 5-Year Limited Warranty: Ensures long-term reliability and peace of mind.
    Technical Specifications:
    - Frequency: 3-5 kHz and 15 kHz multifrequency transmission
    - Target Response: Iron ID, foil, tabs, and coin ID frequencies
    - Length: Adjustable from 41 to 51 inches
    - Weight: Complete unit weighs 3.7 lbs
    - Operating Modes: Target-ID VLF Slow Motion, silent search discrimination, and Auto-Tune VLF Motion
    - Search Coils: Eight-inch concentric, co-planar spider coil with 100% ESI shielding, interchangeable and submersible
    - Batteries: Powered by two 9-volt alkaline batteries, providing 10-20 hours of operation
    - Special Features: Manual ground adjust, wet sand operation, handle/hip mount compatibility, stereo output jack, and built-in speaker with four tones plus bell tone for large shallow targets
    Enhanced Detection in All Conditions:
    The CZ-3D is designed to excel in a variety of environments, from dry land to wet sand and mineralized soils. The wet sand mode and faint target audio boost ensure that you can find valuable targets even in the most challenging conditions. The manual ground adjust feature allows for precise tuning to the specific ground conditions, enhancing the detector's performance.
    Convenient and User-Friendly Design:
    The CZ-3D features a collapsible three-piece handle and handle/hip mount options, making it easy to transport and comfortable to use. The eight-inch open center spider coil is interchangeable and submersible, providing flexibility for different detecting needs. The silent-search VLF discrimination mode ensures quiet operation, allowing you to focus on your treasure hunting without distractions.
    Advanced Target Identification:
    With its visual target-ID and four-tone audio system, the CZ-3D provides clear and accurate identification of targets. The big target alert and faint target audio boost enhance your ability to find valuable items, while the silent-search mode allows for discreet operation. The detector's ability to differentiate between various target types ensures that you can quickly and efficiently identify and recover valuable items.
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