Impulse-AQ Limited Pulse Induction Waterproof Metal Detector

  • The Impulse AQ® Limited is a cutting-edge metal detector designed to excel in both fresh and saltwater environments, including volcanic sand. Tailored specifically for beach-hunting, wading, and shallow-water treasure hunting, this detector sets a new standard in pulse induction technology for uncovering valuable items on saltwater beaches. Its outstanding depth detection capabilities make it a standout performer among all other detectors on the market.

    Key features of the Impulse AQ® Limited include its advanced pulse induction technology, which ensures high sensitivity to gold targets and excellent stability in various beach environments. It also offers variable reactivity, allowing users to adjust settings to suit their preferences and target types. With a variable Iron Reject feature, it can identify many iron targets, reducing false signals, especially from nails. Additionally, the detector features frequency offset settings to suppress electromagnetic interference (EMI), a crucial aspect of a smoother detecting experience.

    The Impulse AQ® Limited provides an adjustable pulse delay ranging from 7μs to 15μs, offering versatility in target separation and depth detection. Its zero target separation (ZTS®) capability enables users to detect closely spaced items with ease. Thanks to the Highly Reactive System (HRS®), it offers maximum sensitivity and lightning-fast recovery speed, making it perfect for finding long-lost treasures buried in iron-infested beaches, including deep gold that other detectors can't reach.

    Designed with user comfort in mind, this detector features a lightweight design and ergonomic features, ensuring minimal fatigue during treasure-hunting adventures. Explore the depths and sands with confidence, knowing that the Impulse AQ® Limited is your ultimate companion for underwater and beach treasure hunting.

  • Key Features

    • Advanced Pulse Induction Technology
    • High Sensitivity to Gold Targets
    • Variable Reactivity for Customized Settings
    • Excellent Stability in Various Beach Environments
    • Variable Iron Reject to Minimize False Signals
    • Frequency Offset for Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Suppression
    • Adjustable Pulse Delay (7μs to 15μs) for Target Separation and Depth Detection
    • Zero Target Separation (ZTS®) for Detecting Closely Spaced Items
    • Highly Reactive System (HRS®) for Maximum Sensitivity and Fast Recovery
    • Lightweight and Ergonomic Design for Reduced Fatigue
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