Multi Purpose Metal Detector - Limited Edition

  • The Fisher F70 Metal Detector is a versatile and advanced treasure hunting device suitable for both beginners and experienced enthusiasts. Its impressive array of features and settings make it a standout choice for various metal detecting scenarios, including coin shooting, relic hunting, beach hunting, and gold prospecting. With its all-metal auto-tune mode, large LCD screen displaying 0-99 numeric target identification, and multiple audio ID tone options, it provides a user-friendly and informative experience. The frequency shift function minimizes interference, while the one-touch notch feature allows you to reject specific target categories. Precise pinpointing is effortless with the push-button static pinpoint, which also offers variable audio pitch and depth readings. The Fisher F70 employs advanced software-based motion discrimination, making it highly effective in trashy areas. Its ergonomic design, including batteries under the elbow for counterweight, ensures comfort during long hunts. This metal detector runs on four alkaline AA batteries, providing an impressive 40-hour battery life. It also offers the convenience of switching between two programs and is equipped with a standard 10-inch search coil. Fisher backs the F70 with a reassuring 5-Year Warranty, making it a reliable choice for treasure hunters seeking precision, performance, and ease of use in their metal detecting adventures.

  • Key Features

    • All Metal Auto-Tune Mode
    • Large LCD Screen with 0-99 Numeric Target ID
    • Frequency Shift for Interference Reduction
    • Multiple Audio ID Tone Options
    • One Touch Notch for Target Rejection
    • Push Button Static Pinpoint with Depth Reading
    • Advanced Software-Based Motion Discrimination
    • Intuitive User Interface
    • Recommended for Coin Shooting, Relic Hunting, Beach Hunting, Gold Prospecting
    • 13 kHz Frequency
    • Ground Balance with Salt Tolerance
    • Target ID Confidence Bar Graph
    • Continuous Ground Mineral Concentration Display
    • Independent Sensitivity and Threshold Settings
    • Speed Selection
    • Battery Life: 40 Hours
    • Ergonomic Design with Counterweight
    • Switchable Programs
    • Standard 10 Inch Search Coil
    • Requires 4 AA Batteries
    • Backed by Fisher's 5-Year Warranty
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