About Us

First Texas Products, LLC is a dynamic corporation with a diverse portfolio of brands known for cutting-edge technology and innovation. Some of our renowned brands include Night Owl Optics, Nivisys, Fisher Research Labs, Bounty Hunter, and Teknetics. We've always been committed to excellence and quality in various fields.

Fisher Research has been a leader in metal detection since 1931, offering reliable solutions for various applications, from security to treasure hunting.

Teknetics, part of our family since 1989, redefines metal detection standards with high-performance detectors and user-friendly interfaces.

Nivisys focuses on providing night vision technology to military and law enforcement agencies, ensuring compliance with regulations and unwavering commitment to quality.

Night Owl Optics, with decades of experience in night vision, delivers clear and innovative optical products.

At First Texas Products, we share a common vision of innovation, excellence, and quality across our brands. Join us in redefining standards and making an impact in our respective fields.