Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker Metal Detector
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Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker Metal Detector

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Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker Metal Detector

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Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker

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Product Information

The Fast Tracker Metal Detector is a user-friendly, highly efficient tool for treasure hunters of all experience levels. Designed by First Texas Products, this device simplifies the metal detecting process by incorporating automatic ground balancing and target tuning, making it easy to use right out of the box. Equipped with a padded armrest and an ergonomic S-rod handle system, the Fast Tracker ensures comfortable extended use. The detector features a 7” waterproof coil that allows for detection in diverse terrains, including shallow water. 

The Fast Tracker operates with only two control knobs – one for sensitivity and the other for discrimination. The sensitivity knob allows users to adjust the detector’s responsiveness to electromagnetic interference, ensuring stable operation even in environments with high interference. The discrimination knob enables users to filter out unwanted metal types, making it easier to identify valuable targets. 

This metal detector offers two modes of operation: All-Metal and Discrimination. In All-Metal mode, the Fast Tracker detects all types of metals and emits a single tone, ideal for general searches and gold prospecting. The Discrimination mode allows users to eliminate specific metals from detection and classify targets with different audio tones. Iron and steel are typically ignored, while valuable metals like gold and silver produce distinctive tones, aiding in more precise treasure hunting. 

For ease of use, the Fast Tracker includes a headphone jack to help users hear subtle changes in sound more clearly, particularly in noisy environments. The lightweight design and simple assembly make it accessible for both beginners and seasoned detectorists. Additionally, the device is powered by 9-volt alkaline batteries, ensuring long-lasting performance. 

Whether you’re searching for coins, jewelry, relics, or caches, the Fast Tracker Metal Detector provides reliable performance and ease of use, making it a must-have tool for any treasure hunting enthusiast.

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