• Ferro-Magnetic Locators

  • FPID2100

  • FX3

  • FML-3

  • FPID2100 Product Details

  • FX3 Product Details

  • FML-3 Product Details

  • ·Unbeatable performance locating targets near a fence line.

    ·Pinpoints to 1 inch of center for Valves and Curb boxes

    ·Pulsating tone/Low battery indication and quick, easy
    battery replacement.

    ·2-Year Limited Warranty

  • ·Simple, one-knob operation

    ·Automatic battery check

    ·Built-in speaker or headphone output

    ·Waterproof probe up to control box

    ·Rugged, lightweight, balanced design

    ·Detects only Ferromagnetic (Iron and Steel) objects (or a magnet)

    ·Powered by a single 9-volt battery

    ·Recessed control panel

    ·Low cost and low maintenance

    ·2-Year Limited Warranty

  • ·Robust

    ·Waterproof up to 220 ft.

    ·Locate Water & gas valves, manhole covers, P.K. Nails

    ·2-Year Limited Warranty