Night Owl Optics NightShot: Digital Night Vision Rifle Scope

For use with rifles up to 30 caliber

  • Included (Manual & Lens Cloth)
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    • Exceptional low-light performance
    • Affordable price point
    • Clear vision at impressive distances
    • Built-in infrared illuminator for night vision
    • Weaver or Picatinny rail compatible
    • Suitable for rifles, crossbows, airsoft weapons, and firearms
    • Rugged and weatherproof design
    • 3X magnification
    • Focusing Distance: 3M to infinity (10ft to infinity)
    • Powered by 4 x AA or lithium batteries
    • Range of 100-200 yards in typical nighttime conditions
    • 640x480 resolution
    • Windage and elevation adjustment: 1/4 inch at 50 yards
    • Eye relief: 2.70"
    • Field of view: 5.6˚
    • Dimensions: 13.2 x 2.7 x 4"
    • Weight: 1.3 lbs
    • Battery Life: 4 hours with IR on High, 7 hours with IR on Low
    • Focal Length: 52 mm (2.05 in)
    • Aperture: 40mm (1.57 in) F: 1.3
    • 3 Reticles with White or Black Options
    • 1 Year Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

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Will this work with a 12 gauge shotgun?

The Night Owl NightShot is compatible with 12-gauge shotguns, but it's important to consider the variety of 12-gauge shotgun shells available, including differences in dimensions, brass size, and shot type. Larger brass and shot sizes can lead to stronger recoil, which may briefly interrupt the scope's power, causing a one-second image flicker. However, this doesn't damage the scope, as it has a built-in power recovery feature to retain all settings.

How many picatiny slots is needed for this scope?

8 slots are needed for a Picatinny rail in order to mount the NightShot.

Is the battery compartment located on the side or the bottom?

In the first revision, the battery door was positioned on the bottom, but in the current, second revision, the door has been relocated to the side for convenient battery replacement without the need to dismount the scope.

Can this be used during daylight as well?

Yes, it is safe for daytime use. Unlike traditional night vision systems with image tubes, this digital system is not susceptible to damage in daylight.

Can I use rechargeable batteries with this device?

Certainly, rechargeable batteries are compatible, although it's worth noting that their battery life may be slightly shorter compared to Alkaline and Lithium batteries. Additionally, please be aware that the battery indicator may not accurately reflect the charge level of rechargeable batteries.