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Teknetics Patriot Metal Detector | Free PinPointer

Teknetics Patriot Metal Detector | Free PinPointer

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Introducing the Teknetics Patriot Metal Detector, backed by a robust 5-year limited warranty and proudly a part of the Teknetics Ameritek series, renowned for its excellence in metal detecting technology. Crafted with precision and expertise in the USA by Teknetics, this detector is designed to exceed expectations.
Inspired by the powerful Fisher F70, the Teknetics Patriot can detect coins up to 12 inches deep, it's a versatile tool suitable for various detecting endeavors.
Operating at a frequency of 13 kHz, the Teknetics Patriot is ideal for coin shooting, relic hunting, and jewlery hunting. Its frequency shift feature eliminates electrical magnetic interference, ensuring accurate and stable detection operation.
Experience enhanced target identification with visual target ID by category and a numerical identification range from 0 to 99. The target ID confidence bar provides additional assurance in target detection accuracy.
Equipped with a continuous ground mineral concentration readout and ground balance capabilities extending to salt, the Teknetics Patriot offers unparalleled performance in diverse soil conditions. Engage the push-button static pinpoint feature for precise location of targets.
Tailor your detection speed with speed selection options, choosing between normal for most conditions or slow for deep coins in non-trashy areas. The Teknetics Patriot comes with an 11" double D waterproof search coil.
With an impressive battery life of 40 hours, powered by 4 AA batteries (alkaline recommended), the Teknetics Patriot ensures extended detecting sessions without interruption. Unlock the full potential of your detecting adventures with the Teknetics Patriot, where reliability, precision, and performance converge.
Intended Use
Beach, General Purpose, Coin, Relics, Jewelry
Frequency: 13kHz
Searchcoil: 11" | Screw-in connector
Depth Readout: Yes
Max Coin Depth: 12"
Pinpoint: Yes
Modes: 2
Tones: 99
Numerical Target-ID: Yes
Battery: 4x AA
Ground Balance: Automatic & Manual
Ground Readout: Yes
Backlight: No
IP Rating: IP54
Weight: 2.14 lbs.
Warranty: 5 Years
Origin: USA

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Raymond Parker
The Patriot

Let me start by admitting I am new to metal detecting. I started one month ago in February 2024. This review is about the Teknetics Patriot, and not my abilities, or lack thereof. I was fortunate to retire four years ago, and my wife gifted me with a Bounty Hunter TK 4. I tinkered around with it, but, by no means was “serious.” This year I made the decision to get serious with metal detecting. I watched a lot of great YouTube videos, and mainly those by American Detection. I learned a lot, and the BH TK 4 is a very capable machine in its own right. I soon wanted to upgrade, and chose to go with the Patriot because…well… it’s a Patriot, plus it’s built by an American company. At the same time, I purchased a used BH Platinum from EBay so that my wife and I could have competitions on who could find the most treasures.

The Patriot is very user friendly, the controls are intuitive, and the performance is still blowing my mind. I have been returning to places I’ve hunted before with the TK 4, and I am finding even more coins at further depths. I am confident when I am able to correctly get the Patriot “dialed in” (and Ground Balanced) at every location, the deeper I will be able to recover coins or treasures. So far I’ve recovered quarters from the beach over eight or nine inches deep in wet sand. In addition, the ability to disc and notch out the correct unwanted metals is awesome to digging less trash, and the VDI numbers help at making that “ dig or don’t dig” decision. The Patriot allows you to chose eight different sounds and tones to help you customize your target tones. Let’s not forget the pinpoint feature to narrow down the precise target location, and nearly always a correct target depth number, probably thanks to the higher 13 KHz operating frequency.

In closing, let me repeat that I am new to the metal detecting hobby, and at first I was intimidated about using any metal detector thinking I had to be a rocket scientist to use the machine properly. Well, I am kicking myself that I waited (and wasted time) this long to get serious. Don’t wait to start, get it a Patriot now. Watch videos, read the owners manuals, and practice, practice, practice. In my first month detecting, I’ve found five rings, a large gold medallion, and a few hundred coins. …in ONE month. The Patriot is easy to learn, easy to use, and has a lot of features to make even a new user more comfortable and confident. Then add a Fisher F-Pulse pin-pointer to your arsenal, and you will feel like a professional detectorist. Now to find the digging tool also made by First Texas Products, and I’ll be set to cut perfect plugs. Dig the beeps, Raymond Parker.