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Night Owl Optics

Night Owl Optics iGen Digital Night Vision Monocular

Night Owl Optics iGen Digital Night Vision Monocular

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Introducing the Night Owl Optics iGen Digital Night Vision Monocular - Experience the Future of Night Vision!

The iGen 20/20 Day/Night Vision Monocular is not your typical night vision device; it's a cutting-edge monocular equipped with 3x magnification and groundbreaking iGEN technology, setting new standards in night vision. With adjustable light amplification ranging from 300x to an incredible 10,000x, a variable frame rate, and three modes of infrared intelligence, this Night Owl iGen offers enhanced infrared sensitivity, doubling the capabilities of traditional intensifier tube technology.

Key Features:

  • iGEN Night Vision Viewer
  • Proprietary iGEN technology surpasses Gen 2 and Gen 3
  • Adjustable light amplification from 300x to 10,000x
  • Variable Frame Rate (2 fps to 30fps)
  • Three modes of infrared intelligence
  • Automatic wattage adjustment for varying darkness levels
  • Video composite output for direct recording to external devices
  • Suitable for use day or night
  • Programmable time-out features
  • Color output choices
  • Infrared start-off option


  • Magnification: 2.6x
  • Wide 12-degree Angle of View
  • High Resolution: 30 lp/mm (edge-to-edge)
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries
  • Range of View: 16 feet to infinity

For different configurations, explore our options:

  1. NOIGM3X-IC (Part Number: NOIGM3X-IC):

    • Includes picture-taking capability.
  2. NOIGM3X-LE (Part Number: NOIGM3X-LE):

    • Features a hard case for added protection.
    • Equipped with a lens doubler, transforming it into a powerful 6x system.
    • Includes a tripod for stable viewing.

Choose the configuration that suits your needs and unlock advanced night vision capabilities with Night Owl.

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